Thursday, May 14, 2015

15 Hanson Songs That Aren't Mmmbop

Hey loves,
Yesterday I left on a road trip with my very best friend Kristin.  She and I are on our way to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend our very first Hanson Day!  I'll let you read about Hanson Day here.

Yes, that Hanson. 1997 'Mmmbop' Hanson with long flowing hair and always surrounded by the question "are they girls, or not?"

I have been an avid Hanson fan since 1997 (I was 6) and wanted to share with all of you some of their greatest songs - that aren't Mmmbop.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

1. Get The Girl Back - Anthem
Starting with latest single off their most recent album, Anthem.  This music video features Nikki Reed, Kat Dennings, Drew Seeley, and Drake Bell.

2. Give A Little - Shout it Out
Give A Little was released in and is a fun, quirky song with an even quirkier music video. This song spent a little bit of time on VH1s video countdown and had a tiny bit of radio play.

3. Thinking 'Bout Somethin' - Shout it Out
What could be better than Isaac, Taylor, and Zac reinacting a scene from Blues Brothers and having Weird Al as an accomplice? Nothing. Nothing could be better.

4. Been There Before - The Walk
Been There Before has a true rock and roll vibe and was featured on the band's second album produced on their very own record label - 3CG.

5. Scream and Be Free - Anthem
This is a feel good summer anthem - off of their latest record, Anthem. Hey, that's neat.

6. If Only - This Time Around
It's the year 2000 and Hanson has harmonicas and an RV in the desert. This song is great - but the music video is better.

7. Lost Without Each other - Underneath
If this song doesn't inspire you to have a solo dance party in your bedroom - I don't want to know you.

8. Madeline Acoustic - Middle of Nowhere Acoustic
Madeline was originally released along with Mmmbop on Hanson's breakout album, Middle of Nowhere. Ten years later, in 2007 the band rerecorded Middle of Nowhere live and acoustic.

9. Crazy Beautiful - Underneath
This will rekindle your 1997 crush on Taylor Hanson. That guy can sing.

10. Every Word I Say - Best of Hanson Live and Electric
Every Word I Say is one of my favorite Hanson songs - specifically off of Live and Electric. The band's passionate vocals are absolutely stunning.

11. This Time Around -This Time Around
Cheesy music video aside - and Ike not having grown into his mouth yet (seriously, that thing was huge) - Hanson's major single off of their second studio album was/is a hit.

12. The Walk - The Walk
This was little Zac's breakthrough as a band member.  He showed off his incredible vocal ability (and piano skills - who knew he wasn't just a drummer?!) in this beautiful song.

13. Sonny Get Your Gun - Facing the Blank Page
Sonny Get Your Gun was released on a Member's Only EP a few years back - and again features Zac on lead vocals. It's another painstakingly beautiful track.

14. Penny and Me - Underneath
Penny and Me was my JAM in 2004 (and the sole reason I want to name my future daughter Penelope). My Dad liked it so much that he had me burn him a CD with the song on it 6 times because he didn't know how to work the repeat button in his truck.

15. Dream Girl - Strong Enough to Break
Now I don't know if I could ever pick ONE favorite Hanson songs - but this one is pretty close. It's a bonus track that didn't quite make it onto Underneath. If you don't think they are talented after listening to this - I... I don't know what to say.

I hope this opened your eyes (and ears) to a world outside of 'Mmmbop.'  Did you enjoy any of the songs in this list?  Will I run into you in Tulsa this weekend? Let me know in the comments!


Traci J

Oh... and here's 'Mmmbop." You didn't really think I could leave that one off - did you?

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