Saturday, May 28, 2016

Moving to Texas & A Trip To The Farmers Market | Life Lately


Hello loves,

How are you? How's it going? How've you been?

I've been great, thanks for asking.

So I did a thing... and I moved to Texas for the summer. Are we really surprised that I did something drastic that involved traveling and work (I'm here for a job, fyi)? No. No, we are not.

So yeah. I moved to a city just south of Oklahoma for the next few months - and am super excited for a great and adventurous summer.
Farmers Market Texas

Since this was my first weekend in a new place, I felt the need to go exploring.  One of my roommates (I have 2) and I ventured out to the farmers market, and found some great things and talked to some great people!

Produce Farmers Market

We found a ton of great produce at the market. I grabbed some blackberries, strawberries, and herbs to make some infused water (and maybe some cocktails).

Fruit and Vegetables Texas

The worst thing about the market was that we could only buy so much that we would be able to eat before it goes bad! Lucky for us, the market happens every week!

Not only was there a great selection of produce, but there was also meat, cheese, and even wine!

Jalapeno Summer Sausage
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We also met this great woman who was selling homemade soap, and even solid shampoo like they sell at LUSH! Her products smelled super good. Here is a link to her etsy shop!

Organic Handmade Soap

I hope you enjoyed this little update on my Life Lately.  Let me know in the comments what you're up to this summer or what your favorite items are to buy at the Farmers Market.

With love,

Traci J xx