Monday, December 9, 2013

Manicure Monday

Nail polish is for sure my guilty pleasure - and I love starting off my week with fresh polish! The color I have on today has become my fall/winter staple. I love dark berry colors for this time of year, they are just so amazing.

I always start of my manicure with a good base coat. My favorite is Protein Base Coat by Essie. I picked mine up at Ulta - the bottle in the link has a green label, while mine has blue - but I'm pretty sure it is the same polish.  This stuff really keeps the polish from staining my nails, while nourishing and strengthening them.  Before I started using this base coat, my nails were super flaky - and now they are healthy and flake free!

For today's color - I put on two coats of Carry On by Essie.  I also picked this up at Ulta - actually all of the polishes I used today are from Ulta. This color goes on well and it looks sleek and ready for the cold months!

On the top, I have been using the Super Duper Top Coat by Essie (surprise).  Again - the label on the bottle is completely different than the one I have - but I swear... same stuff!!! This is a nice finish that prevents chipping and seems to dry quickly - I have a bad habit of messing up my manicure as soon as I finish it...

Let me know in the comments what your fall/winter signature nail polish is!

With love,

Traci J


  1. Is this your favorite top coat? I'm looking for a good one because all of mine seem to only protect the polish for a day or so. :(

    1. It is right now. It is the second Essie one I've tried - the one I used to use in No Chips Ahead - but I like this one better.

      I noticed some slight chipping on my thumb, but it usually helps my polish last for a few days - I'm still looking for one that I LOVE. But this is close.

  2. I love essie polishes but I have never tried their base or top coats. That base coat you use sounds amazing. I will have to pick it up next time I am at the drug store.


    1. It is definitely a good purchase. The base coat is truly phenomenal - I swear by it! I hope you find it as great as I do - let me know!