Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 2014 Favorites

Hooray! It's time for a favorites post!  

This month I have been anxiously awaiting springtime (it's only 36 degrees right now in Wisconsin) - so I have been surrounding myself with things that make me feel like it's warm and springy outside!

Let's just dive right into it, shall we?

This March I have been loving...

  1. Graphic sweatshirts... This one is from Forever 21 and says "someday I will be president," a quote from Abraham Lincoln.  Since it is still cold here - I spend my weekends in crew necks and hoodies, and to be quite honest, this one makes me feel like a straight up BOSS when I wear it.  Who doesn't need that in their weekend? No one. We all need it.  (Sadly, this sweatshirt is sold out - but F21 has a great selection of graphic sweatshirts). 
  2. Fango Ristorativo Restorative Hydrating Mud for Face & Body by Borghese... Face masks are a must in my skincare routine.  I usually do 2-3 masks per week - depending on the needs of my skin.  Most of the masks I use are on the drying side - because I have combination/oily skin.  However, I have a few dry spots around my nose and chin.  This mask hydrates those areas while minimizing redness.  Not to mention it smells super good!  It has an herbal/mineral-y scent that reminds me of the spa.  I would definitely recommend this mask - especially if you use a lot of drying products and feel like your skin needs some nourishment.
  3. Hoola bronzer by Benefit... Hoola has a permanent place in almost any beauty blogger's makeup collection - but only recently found its way into mine.  I am absolutely obsessed!  As a SUPER pale person (a trait which I inherited from my mother, thanks mom), I struggle with finding the right bronzer.  Hoola not only complements my skin tone in just the right way (I use it for contouring), but it is also matte - which I love.  I have a few shimmery bronzers - which I like - but for everyday wear I like to have something matte.  I find that a matte bronzer really goes with any look and obviously gives the most natural effect. My makeup bag will never bee Hoola-less again.
  4. Iphone case with cardholder by Lilly Pulitzer... Lilly Pulitzer is the epitome of spring and summer. If you don't know what Lilly is - please click here immediately.  My love for Lilly started with my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and grew into full blown obsession.  When I switched from my Galaxy to an Iphone - I had to ditch my oversized, blinged out case.  I popped into TJ Maxx and found this cute case with a cardholder for only $10!!!  Whenever I look at my phone it makes me think of sunshine and flowers - plus, I always know where my ID is! (Let's hope I never lose my phone - or I won't have a driver's license either).
  5. "Feel the Love" by Rudimental... Oh my goodness guys - THIS SONG.  "Feel the Love:" isn't a new song, but it is new to me.  I discovered it a few days ago while perusing the internet - and I instantly fell in love.  Everyday when I come home from teaching I put this song on and it makes me very very very happy.  It's upbeat, soulful, and just all around amazing!  I have started listening to a few other things by Rudimental - and so far I really like what I hear.  Go check them out - maybe you'll find your springtime soundtrack just like I have.
  6. Cream Tea nail polish by Butter London... Butter London - what more do I need to say?  This white/cream color is perfect for spring.  Light colors always look fresh and flirty - especially during the spring months. NOTE: this color takes a lot of patience and requires 3+ coats, but it is totally worth it (I'm putting it on my nails once I finish this post)!  If you like cream colored nail polish - pick this up, you won't be sorry!!!
There you have it - my favorites for this month!
I hope you check some of them out - and let me know what you think.  Also, tell me what you have been loving this month in the comments below.

With love,

Traci J

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