Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Great Blogging Silence of 2014 | Life Lately


I know that I have already broken what I have deemed "The Great Blogging Silence" but... I promised an explanation. So - here it is.

The whole life update thing is part of the blogging world that I haven't really tackled yet.  I have no problem updating you all on my life via twitter, or answering questions about what I'm doing, but the whole - just talking about what has been going on with me thing - FREAKS ME OUT.  Don't know why. It just makes me very anxious and nervous.

So to start things off - I had a LONG break from school (from December 15th - January 26th).  I spent most of that time working, hanging out with my boyfriend, spending time with my family, and blogging.  Thanks to all of the wonderful free time I had, I stock piled a fair amount of blog posts - so you didn't experience the Great Silence quite as early as I did.

To start things off - I moved back to the town where I attend University, and am currently student teaching, on January 25th.  My friend's boyfriend planned a surprise party for her - so my boyfriend and I were super excited to go!!!! (Plus this was the first time my boyfriend and I had seen each other in nearly a month, so we were DOUBLE excited).  We headed out to the party and had an amazing time.  Our group spent the night dancing to Michael Jackson and Salt n Pepa (I have the coolest friends).

Unfortunately, after such a fantastic night -I had a not quite as nice night.  The boyfriend and I were hanging out at his house - having a nice homemade dinner and watching Breaking Bad (sounds great, right???)  To make a terribly long story short - he chose to end our 2.5 year relationship over reasons I still cannot begin to understand.

This was devastating to me. Now, I don't consider myself a dependent person by any means, but going from having him as a support system and friend for 2.5 years - to being single - was is not an easy transition.  Here is where I get anxious about putting this out into the world.  It is deeply personal and really turned my world upside down, AND began the Silence.

I could go on about how this made me feel - the repercussions that I am still dealing with today, but I'm not sure that's a good idea for me to delve into - for my own personal health - and I don't think it would be particularly interesting for you lot to read...

--Here's where things get better--

In addition to my break up, I began student teaching full time - and WOW does that take up SO SO SO much of my time.  I love it - I'm in a great 4th/5th grade multiage classroom with 2 wonderful co-teachers.  I could not be happier (or busier). I spend quite a bit of my time lesson planning and grading papers at Starbucks (and my bed).

The next, and perhaps the most exciting thing that contributed to my hiatus - is my NEW JOB!  I hopped on 4 flights one weekend in 24 hours to interview for a job as a consultant.  It was crazy busy - and super nerve wracking.... But I landed the job - and now have something lined up for after I graduate.   I will be flying to a different city nearly every week - and meeting new people - seeing new things. GAH. I just cannot even believe it.

Here's a shot from the plane :)

Lastly - and yet another exciting accomplishment - I received the award for Greek (as in a member of a fraternity or sorority) Women of the Year on my college campus.  The coordinators of the awards ceremony even surprised me with having my parents walk out when the award was announced! I am so humbled and honored - and couldn't have been happier.  The day was so special - and I felt extremely loved.  

That's basically it.  The crazy amount of stuff that happened to me within a month.... Not to mention regular day to day problems mixed in.  I will say this - I learned a lot from this whole experience.  It is true that good things come after bad.  It is also true - that heartbreak takes a long time to heal - and I'm not sure how long that will take for me.  But I do know that I am content with who I am as a person, with my choices, and with who I strive to be - and in the end - that is the most important.

So readers, I hope you understand a little bit more about what caused The Great Blogging Silence of 2014.  I won't say it won't happen again, because life is unpredictable - and I never want to promise things that I cannot provide.  I appreciate all the support from everyone and I cannot wait to see what the next few months have in store!

With love,

Traci J


  1. I am only focusing on the positives and saying congrats on the new job and the recognition by Greek Life! You should be so proud of yourself! Can't wait to hear more about your new job! Have fun student teaching - it will go by quickly!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm loving every minute of it :)

  3. Ugh I'm sorry about the boyfriend, that really is crummy! Yay for all of the exciting things! A cool job and student teaching and the award!!!! Very exciting!

    1. Thank you so much for your support! It means so much to me!