Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Skincare

Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to share with you my summer skincare essentials.  I have quite finicky skin.  Somedays I swear I am still 16 - with the amount of spots and redness that I have.  Other days, the area on my chin and in between my eyebrows is unbelievably dry.  To be honest, it's a mess.  As you can imagine, I change my skincare around quite frequently to try and balance out the nonsense on my face.  

In the summer I go for really purifying cleansers - followed by a good moisturizer and sunscreen.  I find that I get quite oily during the day - and that can cause some super annoying blemishes.  However, using a purifying (plus acne medicated) cleanser can irritate my skin and leave it dry - so a good moisturizer is in order.  Over the moisturizer I follow up with sunscreen - always.

So let's get into the products I've been using.

This scrub combats redness like no other cleanser I have ever used.  Not only does the salicylic acid help prevent and heal blemishes - but the natural exfoliants smooth out any imperfections in my skin and really prep my face for makeup. 

I use this cleanser primarily at night.  My skin does not respond well to salicylic acid alone - so I purchased this cleanser solely because it has benzoyl peroxide.  The texture of this is super creamy, and it leaves my skin feeling totally clean.  Plus, the cooling sensation it has is very relaxing.  It is a bit drying - so I only use it once a day - or every other day, making sure to follow up with a good moisturizer.  

After a day out in the sun this moisturizer feels AMAZING.  The gel consistency is a bit different than I've ever tried in a moisturizer before - but I love it.  This is another product I use primarily at night - as I'm not too sure that this is the best for prepping your face for makeup.  After cleansing with my Clear Pore Cleanser, I follow up with this moisturizer and it prevents any dry spots or irritation.  Plus it truly is refreshing!

After moisturizing I apply this as sunscreen.  It helps smooth out my complexion, as well as protect me with SPF 30.  It also doesn't break me out - which is a plus. 

My all time FAVORITE eye cream is It's Potent.  I use this both morning and night.  It brightens up my eye area and leaves it extremely moisturized.  I don't need to say anymore because this product just speaks for itself. Go. Go buy it. You have to.

I'll admit it.  I have super annoying body acne.  It accumulates both on my chest and my upper back, and as someone who is a fan of both v-necks and crop tops - body acne just isn't going to cut it.  In the summer, we all sweat a lot more and that does not help the whole acne situation. Recently I found this body spray from Neutrogena that you can spray wherever the acne is and go.  It dries quick and YOU CAN SPRAY IT UPSIDE DOWN.  Seriously - this makes it so easy to reach your back and shoulder blades.  If you have body acne - you need this spray.

What products do you add into your skin care routine in the summer?  ?  Let me know in the comments!

With Love,

Traci J

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