Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Summer Tag | Tagalicious

We all know that I love a good tag post.

I discovered this tag over on Makeup Savvy - and she got it from Georgina at Makeup Pixi3. It's been a while since I did my last tag - so I figured I'd give this one a go. Enjoy!

1. What's your favorite thing about Summer?
My favorite thing about summer has to be the long days.  There is so much more daylight!  It's nice to come home after work and be able to sit outside, have a few drinks, and hang out with your friends without needing a flashlight.  I cannot get enough of it.

2. Do you have a favorite Summer drink?
I'm partial to a good mojito - any kind.  There is something so refreshing about the mint in there. Yum. Now I'm craving one.

3. Is there a location you like to go to each Summer?
I absolutely love going to the beach in Lake Geneva with my friends.  Nothing says "summer" quite like a day at the beach.

4. Favorite makeup look for Summer?

In the summer months I start breaking out my hot pink and orange lip colors.  I also like to experiment with colored eyeliner - either on the upper or lower lash line.  Another summer makeup must is switching to a bb cream or tinted moisturizer.  Nothing is worse than wearing a heavy foundation that melts off your face in the summer. Yuck!

5. Dresses or skirts?
Both! Dresses are so effortless and classic - but lately I've loved pairing a high waisted skirt with a crop top. Definitely both.

6. Sandals or ballet pumps?
Sandals.  Even though Wisconsin has like 3 months of warm weather - I am a sucker for sandals.  There are just so many cute ones!  My favorite pair this summer are from Target.  They are turquoise with gold detail - and I am in love.

7. Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for Summer?
I prefer to wear it down - however, I most often wear it up.  It always seems like a good idea to style my hair down - but eventually the humidity gets the best of me and my hair ends up in a ponytail, bun, or side braid.

8. Deep smoky eyes or bold lips?
If you've been paying attention at all you'd know the answer to this... Bold lip! I am all about bright pinks and oranges in the summer.  Not that I don't like a good smoky eye.

9. Favorite perfume for Summer?

Anything fruity.  My go to perfume during the rest of the year is rather complex and heavy - so I enjoy switching it up to a fruity or floral scent in the summer.

10. Last but not least, favorite music for Summer?
Okay, I admit it - I do enjoy listening to country in the summer.  It has a good vibe!  My favorite country song right now is "Play it Again" by Luke Bryan.  If you aren't a country fan - my other top song right now is "Wasted" by Tiesto.

I hope you all enjoyed this tag!  What are your favorite things about summer?

With Love,

Traci J

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