Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Like To Move It | Bows for Justine's 100th Post

Hello loves,

This is my 100th post here on Bows For Justine. WOW.

Who knew I had 100th posts worth of stuff to say? Psh. That's a joke - I'm so opinionated it isn't funny.   All jokes aside, I wanted to use this opportunity to introduce some changes that are coming to the BFJ community.

1. New Weekly Post Day
That's right - say goodbye to the Thursday post day. I'm moving my posts to Saturdays.  I feel like all of you are the working or school type - and have more time to catch up on blogs during the weekend. So I'm making it easier for you to be here - Saturdays. For the people.

2. New Regular Video Day
My main YouTube videos are moving from Mondays to Fridays. Again - y'all have jobs and lives and time commitments. Who has free time on a Monday?! Not me. Fridays. For the people.

3. New Weekly Vlogs
Weekly Vlogs are coming for you over on my YouTube channel. Yes, the same channel as my main videos - I'm not feeling ready for my own Vlog channel yet. Weekly vlogs aren't moving - because they are new - but they will be appearing on Sundays.  Again, the weekend. Sundays. For the people.

So that's it! I'm moving things around, changing things up. What do you think?  And hey... thanks for sticking around. It means a lot to have such a fun and supportive little corner of the internet.

With love (and here's to 100 more),

Traci J

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