Friday, April 18, 2014

The Not So Preppy State of My Lilly Pulitzer Phone Case | Fails

Hello beauties,

In my March Favorites post I talked about my Lilly Pulitzer Phone Case with Card Holder.  I loved , loved, LOVED that thing!  The print was so springy and cute - not to mention the practicality of that card holder!

Well, I wanted to share my dismay when I noticed that the print was rubbing off of the case.  At first it was just a little wear - so I made sure to take extra care of it.  I didn't jam it into small spaces, I didn't drop it, and I did my best to make sure my hands were as oil free as possible... but alas - it continued to wear off.

Honestly, I am super bummed out.  I expected the lifespan of this case to be a lot longer than 2 months.  No, I didn't pay a fortune for it - but I also did not buy it for it to only last a short while.  Were my expectations too high? What is the average lifespan of a phone case if it isn't an Otterbox or something super protective like that?

On the bright side, I found this super cute case by Tribeca at TJMax today.  It is definitely my style - but lacks the convenience of the card holder - and is not my beloved Lilly Pulitzer.

Share your cell phone case fails or successes in the comments!

With love,

Traci J


  1. Love the cell phone cover, sucks that it's rubbing off. I go through cell phone covers all the time, I just go on ebay since it's cheaper than the store to buy them. The cell phone cover I have one of the handles broke that holds the cell phone in place, the other 3 parts hold it but it will always come out and drop LOL. I keep forgetting to get a new one but I hope you get a amazing cover soon :)

    1. I haven't looked a whole lot on Ebay! I usually look on Etsy or TJ Max.

      Thanks Iris!