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Why I am still Infatuated with Drake Bell | Music

Welcome back!

Today I wanted to chat about one of my favorite artists, Drake Bell.  I haven't done a post about music since this one from Christmas, so I figured it was time for a new one!

Yes, that's right Drake Bell.  The cute preteen dream from Drake and Josh.

And YES, he is still relevant. I promise.

(or if you want to go back even more - The Amanda Show).

My love for Drake started when he was on Drake and Josh - and once I found out that he was recording albums... Well, let's just stay I was a fangirl before fangirling was cool.

Exhibit A: Check out my cool homemade Drake Bell t-shirt!
(circa 2006)

To be completely honest, from the ages of 15-17 I had Drake Bell pictures all over my wall, quotes from Drake and Josh written everywhere, and frequented the Drake Bell Message Boards online after school.

The thing that drew me to Drake's music (besides the fact that he was cute) was his musical influences.

If you don't know... that is The Beatles - Abbey Road album... and then hang your head in musical shame.

His first two albums Telegraph (2005) and It's Only Time (2006) definitely had a Beatles and Beach Boy sound to it - which to my teenage self sounded so incredibly cool and different, that I was hooked.

Hollywood Girl - Telegraph (2005)
 *One of my favorite songs off this album

Fallen For You - It's Only Time (2006)
*I am still seriously obsessed with this song - I remember freaking out when he sang it at the concert where I was wearing that cute homemade t shirt... ^^^

Make your judgments about those tracks - and do with that what you will, but  just wait until you hear what he's been up to now...

Drake has teamed up with Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats and the Brain Setzer Orchestra to record a total throwback rock and roll album.  Let me tell you - it is OUT OF CONTROL.

Many of the tracks are covers - and the album just has the most amazing vintage feel to it.

Check out this interview with Drake Bell about the new album Ready Steady Go.

Back of My Hand - Ready Steady Go (2014)

Just recently I noticed a pattern in my favorite artists - my all time favorite being Hanson... I am drawn to artists with a throwback sound and dedication to the music itself.  I really connect to artists that are true to who they are and do not sell out to the music and radio industry.  I root for the musical underdog, if you will.

I encourage you to give Drake's new album a listen - if you are a fan of true rock and roll, then you won't be disappointed.

**In addition, Drake Bell basically wins at twitter... Buzzfeed compiled a list of some of his most amazing tweets - so I didn't have to. I suggest you click here to check it out.

That's all. My dedication to Drake Bell is complete.  I hope I didn't go too far outside of my niche that you didn't enjoy this post!  I always want my blog to be a total reflection of me - so that means including my weird obsessions.

With Love,

Traci J

I'll leave you with this:

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