Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter 2014 | The World Through My Headphones

Hello loves,

Welcome to the second installment of The World Through My Headphones here at Bows for Justine! 

I am excited to bring you my favorite songs of the holiday season!  There is something about bubble gum pop Christmas music that I cannot resist. I am neither ashamed nor secretive about my love for it.  NOT ASHAMED.  

Click here to listen to my winter playlist!
Wrapped in Red...Kelly Clarkson
Love is Everything...Ariana Grande
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays... N*Sync
My Only Wish (This Year)...Britney Spears
Christmas Wrapping...The Waitresses
Winter Song... Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson
What Christmas Means To Me... Hanson
Happy Universal Holidays... Adam Hicks
Jingle Bells...Brian Setzer

What are you listening to this winter?  What song is your holiday guilty pleasure?

If you're looking for more - see my top hits of the holiday season from 2013 here.

With love,

Traci J

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