Saturday, December 6, 2014

One Year of Bows for Justine!

Omigod you guys. O.MI.GOD.

Can you believe I've kept up with Bows for Justine?! I know I can't.  Maybe it's time for me to redo my About Me page? What do you think?

What is even more unbelievable to me is how much my life has changed since I started this little blog.  It feels more like 3 years have gone by rather than just one.

Whether you're new here or have been around since Dec. 6th 2013 - I wanted to put together the top 12 posts you need to read to get the gist of my blogging journey thus far.  Enjoy - and thanks for being here :)

The post that started it all

Because who doesn't love cookies?

My first ever Favorites post

My FAVORITE restaurant 

When everything changed

My first sponsored post

My most popular post 

One of my person favorites

My first event as a blogger

Adventure of a lifetime

I started a series!

The return of the Youtube videos

What do you think should grace the pages of Bows for Justine in the next year?  It's been a crazy ride and I'm hoping to experience it for years to come.

Thanks for the love.


Traci J

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